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Paradise Financial Solutions


Stanton E. Rolle, Jr., better known as Stan, will tell you that accounting found him through his love of numbers back in 2008. His favorite part of accounting is being able to make financial data useful for decision-makers. 


Stan’s had the opportunity to work with various companies over the years, but working with digital agencies has been the most rewarding. During this time, he’s been able to help businesses overcome hurdles by telling the stories hidden within their financials. 

Paradise Financial Solutions was founded as a way to help creatives and digital agency owners grow their businesses by managing their financial components with efficiency and excellence. By doing this, Stan becomes a partner of growth and can help answer questions such as “How do we stay in compliance with the IRS?” “Which services are most profitable?” “How do we minimize our risk of loss?” “How do we scale our business?” 


Stan feels that 'Paradise' represents peace with the absence of confusion and chaos, and wants to help all of his clients operate their business in such a manner.


Stan was born in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas and raised in the bustling melting pot of New York. People know him as being ever assiduous and a great listener. When he’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find Stan playing basketball, finishing up a home project with his wife and business partner, or running outside with Coco, his energetic Shih-Poo.


He is an active member of the AICPA as well as the VSCPA and supports the Adventist Development & Relief Agency, and the Food for All DC nonprofit organization.

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